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Join forces with your favorite content creator and discover the exciting world of Vtuber Versus Trading Card Game

Zakingu started off as a project name for a trading card game but our path eventually took a turn into the world of vtubing. However, deep down we have never given up on our dream and would love to bring this project into life.

With that in mind, we've decided to change the lore part of one of our prototypes to make it based on the vtuber community, including the viewers.

This is a passion project and we do not primary intend to make any profit from it. 

As a result, we want to create a card game, where each content creator sells their own theme decks from their own shop, that way, partnered vtubers will take all the profits of their own sets.

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VT Allstars Battle Fesival is an original trading card game where two players use their separate decks to play against one another

Each pre-constructed deck is themed after a specific content creator (or teamed-up content creators) and have their own play style.


Generally each archetype focus on protecting their on HQ, while at the same time attempt to take down their opponent's HQ. Some archetypes will have special strategies which will focus on other win conditions.

We will publish the rulebook as soon as we are ready. Currently we have a couple of test decks written down but we have yet to create physical prototypes and actually the game to see how well it works.


Are you ready? Battlefield set, start!

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