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I am a former game designer and assistant manga artist and my focus has always been character design. Due to my day job I took a long hiatus from drawing until 2019 where I was let go of my old company during the pandemic. During that time, like many others I have started to look into virtual youtubers, or vtubers in other words. I was already familiar with the medium since the old days of Kizune Ai, Aileen, and so on and I took interest again in picking up Live2D. 

Long story short, without noticing and after almost 10 years of taking a break from drawing, I have reached out to my pencil and paper once again and started doing some creative work. After receiving some positive feedback from the vtuber / twitch community I've decided to start helping others by creating various graphical assets such as PNG-Tuber models, Live2D models, emotes, stream overlays and so on.

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