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Experimental Log Entry - Asymmetrical Model (Part A)

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Outline of the project - starting from a scuff concept art

So, after a bit over a year of actual Live2D requests done and doing experimentations with my own models, it is time to be a bit daring and do what generally has been seen as a bit of a no-no a few years ago.

Since this is a completely new thing for me, I've decided to log the experience here in form of blog entries, similar to my guide for newbies using the free version of Live2D, only that this time I am going to use the paid version, to not restrict myself.

First of all, this is the concept:

(Sorry for the scuff, I did this in Paint... nothing is definite here, the final design might look different)

As you can see, this model will be a sitting one from an angled perspective, basically committing all no-goes in the world of Live2D models - although they've been gained a lot in popularity lately, most likely because of Kson from VShoujo using one (standing but side profile and not centered).

First, I will just prepare the illustration of the model, as per usual, I will be drawing the layers already separated from the get go, to make the reformatting process as smooth as possible.

The parts will be separated into the following rough parts (layer order of the model without accessories):

Head Front

The head is going to be in a very awkward order, since the default position is going to be from the top left corner, the order the pieces are drawn will be very different than usual. Since 180 degree face warping usually takes weeks to do properly, it is still up for debate how far I will go with this model tilting the head to the right side. "Cheating" with warping the face with one single deformer won't do me any good here, and neither will synthesizing the corners.

  1. Front Hair

  2. Left Side Bang

  3. Left Ear

  4. Face (including all the extremities such as eyes, nose and mouth)

  5. Back Hair

  6. Right Side Bang

  7. Right Ear

  8. Ahoge

Left Arm

  1. Left Sleeve

  2. Left Under Arm

  3. Left Hand

  4. Left Upper Arm

  5. Left Ellbow


  1. Left Collar Side

  2. Tie

  3. Right Collar Side

  4. Neck


  1. Chest Clothes (eventually multilayered)

  2. Left Chest

  3. Right Chest

Torso Clothes

  1. Vest Top

  2. Skirt Top

Left Leg

  1. Left Boot Front Flaps

  2. Left Boot Gem

  3. Left Boot Ribbon

  4. Left Boot Mid Part

  5. Left Boot Back

  6. Left Boot Front

  7. Left Lower Leg

  8. Left Boot Back Flaps

  9. Left Thigh

Torso Base

  1. Upper Torso

  2. Lower Torso

  3. Left Butt Cheek

Right Leg

  1. Right Thigh

  2. Right Boot

  3. Right Lower Leg

Right Arm Parts

  1. TBD

Head Back

  1. Ponytail (or any other hair pieces, tbd.)

On the next blog entry, we shall have a look at the illustration and the separate parts.

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